Scholarships and grants for university students

Scholarships and grants for university students

If the time has come to start university in Barcelona, and you are looking for the scholarship that offers you more advantages during your university career, do not miss this article; we help you organize and plan the work of finding the most successful help.

The moment to look for the scholarship and the most suitable help for university students, is a task that must be taken very seriously, because it depends on whether you can dedicate 100% to your studies or, on the contrary, that you have to look for a job while you study in order to be able to pay the expenses of the university and your student flat in Barcelona. 

We want to facilitate your stay as a student in Barcelona, not only by providing you with the best student flats in Barcelona, but also by compiling the scholarships made available to you by official bodies such as the Ministry of Education and various foundations that support the training of professionals.

We begin with the most popular and well-known scholarships and grants for students in Barcelona. These scholarships are those with the highest demand, but also those that offer the greatest number of places. The conditions and requirements may vary depending on the type of study for which you are applying, as these are not exclusively university scholarships.


The MECD scholarships, as mentioned above, are the most demanded at the national level by all students, not only university students, and are convened by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, which awards them to universities and other non-university teaching centers.

  • They are convened on an annual basis
  • They are published for university and non-university studies (vocational training, languages, sports education, etc...).
  • Most of the scholarships are aimed at Spanish students, although there is a part that is aimed at foreign students who have legal residence in Spain. This requirement is essential.
  • To be awarded a scholarship, you must meet a series of requirements related to legal issues, financial, academic record, among others
  • Mobility grants are intended for postgraduate students only.
  • All information available at: Scholarships and grants for university students

The following is an analysis of scholarships offered by an organisation that supports students and vocational training.


The Santander scholarships are one of the most interesting scholarships offered in Spain and each time they have a more varied typology. They are offered by Banco Santander through Santander Universidades.

Some of the types of Santander scholarships that can be applied for are:

  • Ibero-American scholarships for undergraduate students (Spain, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Peru).
  • Formula Santander International Mobility Scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The most interesting for foreign students who come to study in Barcelona.
  • Portuguese - Brazilian scholarships, international mobility scholarships (Brazil and Portugal)
  • Ibero-American Scholarships for Teachers
  • European Scholarships, for students of Spanish high schools
  • Internships in SMEs

If you want to know the complete scholarship program, specific for Spanish universities, we encourage you to visit their website and find the one that best suits your type of studies.

If you have found your scholarship or help in one of the two options that we have analyzed for you, all you have left to do is find a student flat in Barcelona to begin your new university stage in Barcelona.

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