Seeway students: welcome to our shared apartments for nonconformists

Seeway students: welcome to our shared apartments for nonconformists

Seeway is defined as a creative, rebellious, nonconformist place. A school to train those who dare to choose their way. We like the concept. It reminds us of one of the phrases that decorate the walls of our university flats: Do what you love and you will not work a single day in your life. You have to be brave to throw yourself into the pool and break convention, but it's worth it.

In its web you will be able to see all the superior studies, masters, post-graduate courses or monographs of each of its specialties: Design, animation / video games, digital marketing, photography and web.

In his own words "it is a question of touching, living and knowing the profession, realizing projects that allow you to learn at every stage, from conceptualizing the idea until you develop it. We have been doing it since 2001, so we can guarantee that it works "

In addition, they have a job board, small groups and teachers who follow you closely and help you get the best of you, demanding what tomorrow will demand your customers.

Its experienced, recognized and passionate teaching team is one of the attractions of this training center that receives every year more than 800 students, many of them international students

Located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​on Calle Pau Clarís, the school is very close to the shared flats we are about to open on Calle Balmes, 45. But just as Seeway is not a school any more in Barcelona, ​​Balmes 45 does not They are nothing like the shared flats you have known so far. They have in common the love for Barcelona more cosmopolitan, the taste for aesthetics and of course, the projects with their own character.

So you know, if you're a maverick, check out our student accommodation. As a Seeway student you will enjoy a discount on hiring fees, so do not forget to mention it to our reservations team.

If you want more info visit its website www.seeway.net

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