Sharing a flat vs. living alone in Barcelona

Life is full of decisions to make, and without a doubt some are more important than others. If you are thinking of moving, one of the questions that will surely cross your mind is, do I prefer to live alone or share a flat with other people?

Given the complexity and prices of the rental market, sharing a flat is one of the preferred options, especially by young people. And when we say young, we are not referring to an age range, but we are referring to an attitude in life. The profile of people looking for a roommate is very varied, from students, researchers and trainees, to independent people who have to move for professional reasons.

Sharing a flat seems to be the most affordable, interesting and fun option for all those young people, whatever the project they carry out, they want to take the step and become independent from their families, or start a new adventure.

What are the main advantages of sharing a flat?

  • New contacts and friends: In many of the most important moments in life, such as the beginning of university studies or the beginning of a work stage in a new city, it is highly recommended to have the support of people in the same situation. Sharing a flat, you will never go through the adaptation process alone, and in addition, this will give you the option to share experiences, help each other to solve problems, and even create an interesting network of contacts and work together.

  • More flexibility and better conditions: Although traditional rentals entail a mandatory period of time, which in Barcelona is 1 year, the rentals offered by Pisos Estudiantes Barcelona offer you the possibility of adjusting the duration of the contract to your needs. Of course, as long as you take into account that the minimum stay is 1 full month. If it is already difficult to find an apartment for one person, it is even more complicated when looking for a short-term rental, according to a temporary work contract. For these professionals, being able to rent a room for a few months is the perfect option.
  • Learn languages ​​and get to know other cultures: Being in a flat with people from other countries will give you an experience with an incomparable cultural richness. You learn languages ​​or practice any, but you also get to know new cultures that will give you a much more complete and open vision of the world.
  • Become a more responsible person: Thanks to this experience, you will not only learn about coexistence and respect, but you will also have to manage your finances to make ends meet, cook ... that is, you will be the owner of your life!
  • Better economic conditions: Finding a single accommodation that is fully equipped, in good condition and at an affordable price, seems to be impossible. On the other hand, in a shared apartment the rental costs are divided among the inhabitants of this, so that at the end of the month the savings compared to an individual home is quite considerable.

Whatever your decision, at Pisos Estudiantes Barcelona we have the ideal accommodation for you, since although we are always defenders of the coliving concept, we have options for those who want to live alone in Barcelona.

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