Study and Work… Is that possible?

Study and Work… Is that possible?

Barcelona is an incredible city, with lots of interesting things to do, especially on summer (<3), and sometimes we forget to look for something that could help us in our professional future.

Besides, the image that we have from Spain nowadays regarding jobs offering is not one of the best ones. But, if you try to find some opportunity as an intern, you will see that there are many opportunities and perhaps there is some something waiting for you!

Some courses have a full time program. That makes it almost impossible the access to the corporate world, and if it is your case, maximize your experience and live intensely all the moments as a student.

But if you study only one period and feel like looking for something, do you already know where to seek?

The first place is in your University… Almost all the Universities and Schools have partnership with companies, and they provide on their websites the opportunities for jobs and internships.

There are also lots of websites that provide opportunities and most of them are free for students. Here are some of them: Practicae, Studentjob, Primerempleo, Infojobs, among others.

Furthermore, you can maintain your Linkedin updated, because nowadays it is one of the main tools of the corporate world.

Work and Study it is possible, but it demands a lot of time… The best thing to do is trying to save some time with other things, for example looking for an accommodation near your university and near your job… And for that, count on us to help you finding the best option of university flat with the best location for you! =)

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