Study in Spain, procedures to bear in mind

Study in Spain, procedures to bear in mind

The requirements to enter Spain may vary depending on the student's nationality and the duration of their study stay. In any case, what you will need, if you come from countries outside the European Union are the valid passport, a valid or valid visa and the documents that prove the reasons for the trip (university admission letter, registration ...)

Make sure that the passport will not expire in the next few months as during your stay you will need a valid passport, and it will be one of the most requested documents to carry out procedures within Spain, especially the student visa process.

Although it is not necessary if your study stay in Spain is less than 3 months, you will need a visa for longer stays.

Where is the visa processed to enter Spain as a student?

You must make the application at the consulate of Spain in your country. It is very important that you plan to do it with some time to ensure you have it before traveling, because if you arrive in Spain without this document you will be denied access and you will have to return to your country to process it.

In some countries you will be asked for a certificate in accordance with your accommodation in Spain. If you have booked with Barcelona Student Housing you only have to request this document by e-mail and we will send it to you.

Once you arrive in Spain, what other procedures should you carry out?

Student residence card

You must request an appointment at the immigration office of the National Police, to process your residence card for students.

You must know that in order to process the residence card you must also prove your home address in Spain through the registration form.

What is the registration certificate (volante de empadronamiento)?

Each city has a registry of inhabitants, which is called "padrón". When you live 6 months or more in a city, you must register in the city's census, in spanish, "padrón municipal de habitantes".

You must go to one of the citizen attention offices, dependent of the city council, to request the registration form. To request the certificate you must take the rental contract in your name, or the authorization of the owner of the apartment so you can register at his/her home.

In Barcelona you will need to make an appointment at the OAC (oficina de atención al ciudadano, citizen service office) to be able to do the Registration process in the Municipal Register of inhabitants of the city.

In the admissions office of your university they will be able to give you all the information you need to know in detail, so do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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