Summer in Barcelona: Sant Joan

Summer in Barcelona: Sant Joan

On the night of June 23 Verbena de Sant Joan, a party with strong tradition where the fire becomes the protagonist, is celebrated. The arrival of summer is celebrated, sun worship ... For students also becomes the order of the tests (we know of some who have even burned notes), the arrival of the holidays, farewells of his fellow floor, back home. As we are going to miss you!

International students who wear it all year studying in Barcelona leave their shared apartment and return to their countries of origin, but fortunately, come many students to study master's degrees, to do their internships or studying Spanish, so the rooms of our university residences and flats again filled with new energy and youth around the world wanting to share a flat and experiences, and above all fun.

San Joan is only the prelude to what awaits you this summer in Barcelona, ​​music festivals, beach, lots of destinations that meet a stone's throw (or an airline ticket from lowcost). Studying in Barcelona is always a good thing, but studying in Barcelona in the summer, and share an apartment with students from around the world is certainly one of the experiences you'll never forget.

If you are thinking of studying in Barcelona this July, what do you think up the entry to your college apartment a few weeks before and take the opportunity to enjoy the city and its most magical night?

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