The best “Roscones de Reyes” in Barcelona: You can not to resist the temptation

The best “Roscones de Reyes” in Barcelona: You can not to resist the temptation

Accept those extra pounds, it is always easier if you give yourself the pleasure of eating the best “Roscón de Reyes” in Barcelona, ​​we also encourage you to surprise your roommates with this delicacy for all the senses, but above all, for the taste.

These are the places where you will find the best “Roscón de Reyes” in the city; the star ingredient here is the marzipan.

HOFFMAN: Walking around the Borne neighborhood, near Santa Maria del Mar, the smell of sourdough will let you know that you are near this elegant pastry shop; Its “Roscón” is famous for the long duration of the fermentation of its mass. You find it of chocolate, fruit or Galette des Rois, with cream filling, whipped cream or the classic marzipan. It's worth a walk in the center just to buy this “Roscón” And if you can afford an excess, buy a butter croissant, they say it is the best in all of Spain.

CANAL: This is a neighborhood bakery with high quality products throughout the year, but its “Roscón de Reyes” wins the prize for the most juicy, natural and chemical-free dough, and the most homemade filling, either cream or chocolate truffle. You will find these two traditional bakeries in Calle Calvet 15 and Muntaner 566.

ESCRIBÀ: a bakery in which three generations of bakers have made “roscones” that deserve a prize to their flavor, they are really traditional but here, our recommendation is to buy a chocolate one, because the master baker has sometimes called him "the Mozart of chocolat "; I think this is enough to condition your choice.

Do not forget, as we mentioned above, share it with your roommates from your student residence in Barcelona and warns that even if you have bought it, if anyone gets the surprise that the “roscones” always have inside, she or he must pay it! These are the “Roscon de Reyes” rules.

Of course, it is permissible to finish your piece of “Roscón de Reyes” and suck your fingers!

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