The best way to travel around Europe as a student

The best way to travel around Europe as a student

Surely you have already checked the school calendar, that, until Easter, which this year is in April, there is no bridge that allows us to enjoy a long weekend, so let's think about all the weekends we have ahead and choose which European capitals we want to know. You can consider traveling with the companions of your student flat in Barcelona, ​​now that you are already friends.

You must know that organize a weekend getaway for students is not an easy task, it is more, sometimes it can become a challenge for those who have to organize everything. The first thing is to agree with all those who are going to travel, first with the destination to visit, then, booking flights for everyone, and when you are many, sometimes, there is a clue that ends up booking three hours or three days after the rest, and must fly at other times or paying a higher rate than the others. Has it never happened to you?

Finally, you have to decide whether to reserve a hotel, a hostel or an apartment in the center, and that it suits everyone's budget! Well, we discovered a web page that is the solution to all these problems of organizing group travel, and also includes the surprise factor: until almost the last day you do not know where you will travel, do not you find it really exciting?

Drumwit is the trend APP among students and offers the possibility of traveling from € 150 and from Barcelona, ​​to several European destinations, including flights, accommodation and the surprise factor!

You just have to register with your name and your mail, and start the trip by choosing Barcelona as the city from which you are going to travel, then indicate which weekend you have chosen for your student getaway, and once you have made this selection , they will show you, in the calendar, the available dates. They have two options for you: an economical pack for € 150 and a deluxe pack with a higher price that ensures higher category hotels.

Once you select the dates on which you have decided to travel and your budget, the available destinations appear, if you have already traveled to any of them, you can eliminate one without any cost, if you have chosen the economic package. If you want to eliminate some more, that will increase your budget.

When you have already decided which destinations are the ones you could travel to, you have to enter the data of all the companions of your student flat in Barcelona, ​​or friends, with whom you are going to travel, and in the end, they will ask you for a credit card for the payment.

Only 48 hours before your trip, your destination and accommodation will be confirmed! You will receive an email in which the surprise is revealed and where all the necessary documentation for travel will be.

As we have already told you, it is a really exciting way to travel around Europe with your fellow students in Barcelona.

Have a nice trip!

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