The caganer and the caga tió

The caganer and the caga tió

In Catalunya, during the day of Christmas, the children do "shit the tió". It is a trunk with a face, eyes and a barretina (the hat of the typical Catalan costume) to cover with a blanket and feed during the days before Christmas. Sounds weird, we know. During the Christmas meal, a song is sung to him while he is struck with a stick to "encourage" him to shit gifts. According to tradition what the tió shit was the sweets that would eat for dessert that day, although in the last times the tió has become very generous and also shits toys. If you approach any of the craft fairs you can get one to put in the dining room of your student apartment, and try to explain to your roommates this curious tradition.

No less curious is the character that you will find in the Catalan cribs. As you know, and if we do not tell you, it is tradition to put in the house a manger (also called Bethlehem) where the figures of the birth of Christ appear: the virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, in Jesus child, the three wise man following the star, etc ... until there everything normal ... But as you have already seen, we are eschatological, so in Catalunya we have put behind the portal a guy doing his needs that we call caganer. In the last years, you can find in all the fairs of crafts caganers in the image and likeness of famous personages: soccer players, politicians, singers ... nobody is freed! You can mount your own crib in your university accommodation and give it a Christmas atmosphere with a funny point, putting a caganer that reminds you of one of your roommates ...

If these days you are leaving Barcelona to spend the holidays with your family, surely you spend a good time when you explain the traditions so curious that there is in this city. Ah! And do not forget to bring some nougats !!

Merry Christmas and we will be waiting for you soon back in your student housing!

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