The first days in your student flat in Barcelona

The first days in your student flat in Barcelona

The first days in your student flat in Barcelona are really exciting, as you are living the beginning of a new stage. The summer and all the farewell parties that your friends have made you, are behind and finally September arrives and the beginning of your new university year in a new city.

Are you ready for the best year of your life? 

Although the change from a family home to your independence in a student flat in Barcelona, for many of you, is complicated, it won't be if the new accommodation is designed to facilitate the most drastic change and make your stay a comfortable and unforgettable experience.

However, a very important part of this process will depend on you, and on how easy it is for you to get to know your new classmates, to ask them questions, to meet them at dinner time, or for a break in the living room, for example, this will make your fears and insecurities go away faster, since you are all in the same situation. If something is assured in a student flat, it is the good reception of the veterans to the new students.

Here is a short list of tips to help you adapt to your new student flat in Barcelona.

  1. Don’t be afraid

 Leave your fear and shame at your parents' house. Your student flat is full of students like you who have just arrived and like you also want to start getting along with you in order to integrate into the environment. Do not lock yourself in your room, you will miss many useful things for your studies and for your personal life. Be enriched by the people around you

  1. Live intensely

 Don't miss anything, sign up for everything they propose, even if it's not what you want most in the world: movie and sofa nights, running nights to the beach, billiard competitions... Living in a student flat in Barcelona means having a complete leisure activities agenda so you can disconnect from study and academic obligations from time to time.

  1. Learn from others

 And we are not talking about asking for their notes, we are referring to the conversations, experiences and experiences of your colleagues, which always enrich you. 

  1. Discover Barcelona

 We always recommend getting to know your new city. Do tourism in Barcelona, discover with the hand of someone local, those secret places that do not appear in a tourist guide.

  1. Plan yourself

 Plan your tasks weekly to get to everything without problems. The first few days in your student flat in Barcelona are the best time to create the habit of organizing yourself well. Only in this way will you be able to enjoy all the leisure activities your new city has to offer.

We are sure that this is your year, and we welcome you to Barcelona Design Flats!
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