The libraries closest to your student apartment in Barcelona

The libraries closest to your student apartment in Barcelona

Access to public libraries in Barcelona, ​​not only in the city, but throughout the province, is free, as long as you obtain the user card. To achieve this, you only have to access the internet and complete the process from your computer or even from your mobile device at the following link: Obtain a library user card

Once you have this library user card, it will give you access to the consultation of videos, books, magazines, DVDs, CD-ROMs, CDs, as well as, other services and a large number of very interesting activities for university students in Barcelona. In these facilities, in addition to finding comfort and a high level of concentration, you can document to pass your exams successfully, interact with other students, and get closer to the activities and cultural offers of the city.

Something you probably did not know, is that they also offer a photocopy service, and that if your laptop breaks down and you have it fixed, they lend you one, so that allows you do not stay disconnected and continue with your pace of study, especially during exams and works delivery.

In the environment of the libraries, there is a great cultural activity perfectly organized and related to the promotion of reading, among these activities, the language exchange groups stand out, very interesting for international students who come to study in Barcelona, ​​to improve the learning the Spanish language. Ask for the schedules of the language exchange groups and join the one that is most interesting for you. Another advantage is that the library card allows you to have discounts at bookstores, theaters and cinemas, among others.

Libraries have had to renew themselves and adapt to the new digital needs, which is why they are now open and dynamic centers connected to the new technological scenario and adapted to the new current needs for the digital generations and they are not only the place where to find the silence when you need to study or consult those books you cannot find anywhere else.

If you want to know more, and want to know all the advantages offered by these new spaces, we leave you the web where you will find all the information you need about the Biblioteques de Barcelona

Find the library closest to your student apartment and be part of the cultural movement of Barcelona!


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