The new year and the “old” good intentions

The new year and the “old” good intentions

If you are not exactly a born athlete, surely every year you think you have to start exercising a little ... This year yes, sure that you are going to start going to the gym, the one you have been paying for months but has not seen your hair Since you were the first day with your newly purchased equipment. Come what you can, and if you are not in gyms, sure that near your student apartment you have a park or an avenue to go running. Do not plan very ambitious goals, start small and little and sure this year you do!


Starting Monday I go on a diet ... Surely the phrase sounds. But the reality is that now with the holiday season to fall, surely you take the holidays in college to go spend a few days with your family. It is not the time to resist the homemade meals, the nougats or sweets typical of your country. But that yes, on the way back to your university floor, start with a good foot. When you go to the supermarket to make your first purchase of the year, avoid processed foods, abuse fruits and vegetables and leave for a season frozen pizzas. Of course, you must convince your roommates to do the same or test your willpower. For our part we promise that in our section "eat well and cook little" will include some post-party recipes that will surely help you achieve your goal.


Stop procasting. If we know that leaving things for the last moment is not a good idea, but still we keep falling again and again. Well, it's over! Everything is a matter of routines and if you manage to keep your purpose at least 21 days (period necessary to implement the routines) this is already done. In times of exams you will appreciate to have worked a little each day and sure that the result will have been worth the effort. Go for it!


Surely you spend the day connected with your friends or family by whatsapp or Messenger. But you also know that you should have called that friend who has not seen or heard his voice for some time or that elderly relative who has not arrived in time to the new technologies and is still waiting for the calls on the home phone. And sometimes, the technology that makes life so much, makes us spend a lot of time without having a more human conversation with people who are far away. What if you make a list of the people you have not talked to for a long time and take the opportunity to call them and congratulate them on off-line parties? And then keep the custom throughout the new year, nothing feels better than hearing the voice of loved ones when you have gone to study away from home.

Tell us what your purposes are and if in 2017 you have managed to fulfill some of the proposals in the past. From Barcelona design flats our purpose is that you continue to feel at home in your student accommodation;)

Happy 2018!!!!



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