The survival kit that every university student in Barcelona needs

The survival kit that every university student in Barcelona needs

If in a few months you arrive to study in Barcelona and you become one more university student in this city, you will surely have many questions and doubts to solve before your arrival. What will you expect in this city? What will the neighbourhood where your student flat is located in Barcelona be like? Will it be difficult to get around on public transport? What will my classmates be like? Will it be very difficult to study the degree I have chosen?

Don't worry! We have prepared this post to help you organize the first weeks of your new university life, with what we have called, the "survival kit that every university student in Barcelona needs" with advice to make your arrival in Barcelona comfortable and peaceful.

Essential advice to come and study in Barcelona

Accommodation for students. If you are starting your university stage in Barcelona and you want to make the most of it, without distractions and accompanied by other students, who, like you, are living the same stage, independently, but without too many worries, a student flat in Barcelona is the best accommodation option for you. You will have all your day-to-day worries solved and you will live with other students who will make your stay easier and more comfortable, as you will share with them your own worries.

Do I need to know Catalan to study in Barcelona? The answer is no. However, learning Catalan will help you to integrate fully into the social and cultural life of the city, but it is far from being considered essential for living there. Barcelona is a tremendously cosmopolitan city that is open to all the cultures that inhabit it. It is a focus of attraction for students from all over the world, for startups, technology companies and innovation. Barcelona is a city full of job opportunities. So, if you want to learn Catalan, find out about the free courses offered by the Catalan government and start getting interested in understanding the names on shop signs, learning vocabulary and watching TV in Catalan. If you have Catalan classmates, they'll love to see your willingness to learn their language and you'll see that you quickly understand everything and that little by little you'll dare to speak it with your university and student flat mates in Barcelona.

Transport. If you are used to living in a city smaller than Barcelona, getting around by metro, tram, suburban train, bus, Bicing... can be a bit complicated at first and it will probably take you longer than usual to get from one point to another in the city. Luckily, our student flats in Barcelona are strategically located to get to your university campus or study centre. 

Mediterranean climate. Barcelona is known for its good climate. For nine months of the year you can wear your summer and mid-season clothes. Don't fill your suitcase with hats and scarves that will remain unused in the drawer. You will be able to practice outdoor sports, move around on your bike, and enjoy the sunsets on the beach.

Are you ready to settle down in this great city?

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