Tuna stuffed eggs

Tuna stuffed eggs

Imagine now, that it is Friday, that you have had an intense week, with jobs to finish and deliver, and with some examination that another, that has not let you think of anything else. You arrive at your student apartment in Barcelona on Friday afternoon and, at last, you can think about the weekend, and suddenly ... Oh my goodness! You have a dinner tonight and you have to bring something! The easiest thing would be to go to the nearest supermarket and buy something prepared, but that option does not the best option at all, because what is cool, is to bring something prepared by yourself, homemade, rich and healthy. We have the solution to your problem of Friday afternoon, the magic recipe of stuffed eggs, that will not take you more than half an hour to prepare, and everyone will want to try.

You'll need the following ingredients (for 6 people):
A dozen eggs                                                                                                                   250grams of tuna in olive oil (about 3 cans)                                                                   250grams of fried tomatoes                                                                                                          A small jar of mayonnaise                                                                                                          12 strips of roasted red pepper                                                                                               Boneless olives                                                                                                                                12 round sticks

Preparation cannot be easier; you must choose a pot large enough to cook the twelve eggs at the same time, remember that in order to be well cooked, you must first put the water to boil and when it is in full boil, you must put the eggs inside and in about 12 minutes they will be ready . Once the eggs are cooked, you should split them in half and remove the yolk, because the egg that leaves will be the one we use to fill them.

Now you should put the fried tomato in a bowl, add the tuna and mix well. When these two ingredients are already mixed, you must crumble the yolk of six eggs and add it to this mixture. With these three ingredients you already have the filling done!

The next step is to place the eggs in a tray and fill the halves with this mixture and garnish with a small teaspoon of mayonnaise and a strip of red pepper roasted over, finally, you have to prick twelve chopsticks a boneless olive and prick in each half egg, and voilà!

It is super simple to prepare and its taste is delicious; You will look great and it will be very hard to bring a dish prepared by yourself!

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