Valentine's Day: its origin and ideas to celebrate it

Every year, on February 14, millions of people around the world celebrate Valentine's Day by showing their love for their partner through activities, details, statements and all kinds of gifts.

However, not everyone knows the origin of this celebration. Who was St. Valentine?

According to tradition, Saint Valentine of Rome was a Roman priest who spiritually accompanied Christians who had been imprisoned in the persecutions against practitioners of this faith and helped them prepare for martyrdom and death.

Another version tells that it was a priest who, despite the fact that the Roman authorities prohibited young soldiers from marrying, considering that they would be better combatants if they did not have family ties, was dedicated to marrying couples in secret according to the Catholic rite . When he was discovered, Valentin was martyred and eventually beheaded.

A last (and not very credible) version tells that the priest Valentine was arrested and fell in love with the daughter of his jailer, to whom he dedicated a passionate love letter that he signed as "from your Valentine", which would become the origin of the tradition of sending the love letters and postcards that lovers exchange every February 14th.

Although we do not know with certainty what exactly the true tradition was, it is clear that it is a celebration that we love and although we want to encourage you to show affection to your partners and loved ones every day, we are going to give you some ideas to celebrate this very day. special.

Ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day

In the following list you will find some ideas so that this Valentine's Day, be everything special that your couples deserve:

  1. Prepare a romantic breakfast, lunch or dinner. Add good wine, a well-decorated table, and lots of candles, and the gathering will be a success!
  2. Order a breakfast at home with a special message and start the day full of love and energy.
  3. Write a letter to that special person, trying to explain how wonderful your relationship is and all the reasons why life together is so much better.
  4. Are you good at crafts? Tell him I love you in a super creative way by sending him a message in an egg! Empty the egg by making two small holes with a needle at the bottom and top. Wash it and let it dry. Then paint and decorate the eggshell, and insert a strip of paper with a written message. In this post, you have all the details to do it.
  5. Reserve a table at your favorite restaurant.
  6. Do you need to relax? An afternoon at the spa, or a joint massage, are great options.
  7. Due to the pandemic and its restrictions, hotels in Barcelona have super low rates. Why not spend a special night with great detail and at an unprecedented price?
  8. Combine several of the above options and leave your partner speechless.
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