What to study in Barcelona

What to study in Barcelona

But if anything characterizes Barcelona is for being a university city.

The city counts with one of the largest university communities in Europe, formed by 173,319 students, 13,942 teachers, approximately, divided between eight public and private universities, as well as higher education centers, with an offer of 758 university degrees and a high degree of internationalization especially when we talk about undergraduate and master's degree studies.

If you are wondering what to study in Barcelona, ​​keep in mind that three of the best universities in Spain, such as the University of Barcelona (UB) with more than 560 years of history, is the reference public university in Catalonia, with a wide range of academic offerings and a high level of quality and demand. Some of the most prestigious international rankings place it among the 100 best universities in the world in careers such as Pharmacy, Linguistics and Medicine. If you want to be one of its almost 65,000 students enrolled in one of the Spanish universities with the largest number of students, of which one seventh are international students, coming from about a hundred countries, do not hesitate to inform you of its wide academic offer.

Barcelona is able to cover any university or higher education, for that reason, as we have mentioned before, it is one of the cities with the largest number of students in Europe, the city also offers the possibility of housing for its high offer of university flats in Barcelona to the vast majority of international students who begin a new stage in their training.

However, when choosing to study in Barcelona, ​​do not be guided only by the prestige of a university or a renowned center, so that it fits well in your curriculum, you must first have a clear idea of ​​what you would really like to study and that it may become your profession in the future, then, analyze in which centers are offered and investigates about the facilities, work outs of previous promotions, etc.

Get to know all the university studies in Catalonia and try to take seriously each and every one of the factors that suppose choosing what to study in Barcelona since you are facing the possibility of deciding your future, but above all enjoy the experience along the way and not centers only on the final goal.

Welcome to one of the best experiences of your life!

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