Why to choose us

Because both comfort and esthetics are important to you.

In Barcelona design is in the air and everywhere. Barcelona is host to some of the best design schools (IED, ELISAVA) in the country. We are passionate about design, detail, and comfortable surroundings and in all our student housing apartments and residence halls we aim to create spaces that are practical, functional, cheerful and fresh.

Because you want the freedom to choose the neighborhood you want to live in..

Barcelona is great for getting around by bike or metro, which puts you just minutes away from any campus. Take advantage of it! All of our university student apartments in Barcelona are strategically placed to make sure you don’t waste valuable time traveling and are located exactly where you want to be, where the action is!

Because you want to come just with your suitcase but you also want to feel right at home.

No need to leave extra space for those bulky towels and sheets! Your new room in Barcelona already has those. And if you like cooking, you won’t be hunting around the neighborhood for kitchen utensils. We even provide cute shopping carts to tote your groceries home in style. Everything you have at home you can also have away from home.

Because you want to know right away exactly how much you will be paying every month in housing expenses so you can plan ahead.

we don’t charge additional agency commissions everything is included in your bill.. no having to worry about paying separate utility bills or setting up internet service...it is that convenient!

Because this way life’s little surprises, like loosing your keys or having a washing machine malfunction, don’t turn into big nightmares.

We have a 24 hr emergency telephone number you can call and a “help point” available in all of our apartments in addition to the maintenance staff on hand to take care of day-to-day incidents. Just communicate your needs to us and leave your worries behind!

Because with all that Barcelona has to offer who wants to spend the little extra time they have cleaning?

The beach in the summer, and year round dozens of museums, terraces, theaters, cinemas, etc. the fun-things-to-do list is long. We take care of weekly cleaning of your apartment. For washing your personal clothes, you have washer and dryer.

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