Work for foreign students in Barcelona

Work for foreign students in Barcelona

I am a foreign student in Barcelona, and I want to work while studying at the university. What do I need to know and where can I find that job?

You should start by going to the immigration portal of the Ministry of Labour, Migrations and Social Security where you will find all the requirements to find a job in Spain if you are a foreign student; you will be able to download all the documentation and go directly to the necessary steps to legalize the situation that allows you to be hired in your first job.

The good news for foreign students looking for work in Barcelona is that, until August 2018, they had to meet a series of requirements that were sometimes very complicated to meet, such as having lived in Spain for 3 years, impossible to meet for students who come to study a master's degree with durations between one and two years, this was a major impediment to develop professionally in our country.

The changes that took place in this sense in August 2018 extend the possibilities of work for international students.

The new requirements are as follows:

  1. Possession of a higher education degree or certificate or other proof of official qualification.
  2. Have private medical insurance in Spain.
  3. Demonstrate that there are economic means in a Spanish bank account.
  4. To be able to sign an internship agreement with a company or entity.
  5. That the internships are carried out in the same academic field and at the same level of qualification as the higher education degree or the programme of studies carried out.
  6. That the foreign student looking for a job in Barcelona does not have a criminal record in the previous countries of residence during the last 5 years.

Before analysing the labour market in order to look for work in Barcelona, you must find out, especially if you are a foreign student, what are the requirements to be able to study in Barcelona.

What now?

Be original! Create a curriculum aimed at the position you are interested in, which is capable of showing your personality both in its content and on its continent. Differentiate yourself from the others; you live in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, you can't just be one more!  But first research the philosophy and the vision of the company, you can't be the king of innovation and creativity if you opt for a position in a company with a philosophy and image that is too classic, although perhaps you are the person they need to begin the renovation to a more modern image! You never know....

Now you should look for the Internet portals with job offers in Barcelona such as Infojobs, Indeed, etc... we recommend you Student Job, specialized in young talents and students with little work experience.

Finally, remember that in our student flats in Barcelona you will find a place to feel at home during your stay in this city, where you arrived to study but perhaps you will stay longer than planned if you find that job that you do professionally.

Good luck!

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