Work for students in Barcelona

Work for students in Barcelona

If you have already tried, you may have verified that some of the job offers you have encountered require requirements that are difficult for a young student, and in most cases, inexperienced, to combine their studies with a job at part time. Fortunately, this type of job offers are becoming less numerous and more and more companies trust and invest in young talents with a positive attitude that really show desire to work and enter the labor market.

Where do I begin?

The first step is to create a personalized curriculum for the position you want to opt for, but above all, be able to show your personality in your content, and in your continent. Do not waste your time creating the typical standard curriculum; you live in one of the most modern and cosmopolitan cities in the world, be creative, differ, and surprise that company to which you send it, but do not forget, that it is important, to investigate before the philosophy, and the vision of the company, not It would make sense to be the king of innovation and creativity if you opt for a position in a classic law firm, since you must adapt to their image and needs or demonstrate to them, the changes you can bring with your arrival at the office and the benefit of the company with them.

Highlights in the curriculum the strengths of being young, such as the ability to adapt and the innate domain of new technologies and social networks for example, think of everything you could contribute and what the company may not have.

Now look for platforms that help you find the job you're looking for; sure that in your study center there is a bulletin board updated with offers of employment for students; On the Internet the options are multiple, we recommend Student Job, it is specialized in young talents and students with little work experience.

If you are someone really motivated who has obtained scholarships or has had several contracts in practice, you will cover your work experience and you can opt for future jobs more stable and better paid, because the company that you select will verify that you are a really active person.

Take the opportunity to study in Barcelona to access your job market, perhaps, your life as a student in Barcelona, ​​will be longer than expected.

Good luck!

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